Apr. 21, 2021

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania House of Representatives was in voting session from April 19-21, and the Republican Caucus continued advancing its priorities of providing for an economic recovery, protecting families and reforming government for the benefit of Pennsylvanians, House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin) said Wednesday.

Action on economic recovery:

• Passed House Resolution 88 to require the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a study of regulatory waivers issued by Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs (BPOA).
• Passed House Bill 747 to provide a mechanism for small businesses to remain open during states of emergency.
• Advanced House Bill 681 to provide for economic mobility for health care practitioners.
• Advanced House Bill 939 to establish the Independent Office of the Repealer.
• Advanced House Bill 950 to give the General Assembly greater authority in regulatory repeals.
• Advanced House Bill 72 to create an enhanced review process for major regulations that impose a substantial cost burden on the Commonwealth.
• Advanced House Bill 139 to create an act providing for the administration of permits by state agencies, for a tracking system for permit applications, for the establishment of permit programs and for annual reports.
• Advanced House Bill 288 creating the State Agency Regulatory Compliance Officer Act.

“This week our caucus heard from Pennsylvania’s employers and job creators that they need real changes and government action to ensure they can survive the economic effects of this pandemic and government shutdowns,” Benninghoff said. “This week the House Republican Caucus took the lead in our continued efforts to provide for an economic recovery by prioritizing our small businesses, engaging in significant regulatory reform and making government more responsive to the needs of the private sector.”

Action on protecting families:

• Passed House Bill House Bill 954 to provide for greater coordination of investigations of child abuse.
• Passed House Bill 220 to provide greater access to drug addiction treatment.
• Passed House Bill 741 to provide more protection to those in recovery houses.
• Passed House Bill 944 to provide more protection to those in addiction treatment.
• Advanced a package of bills designed to combat human trafficking.

“It is government’s obligation to make sure our most vulnerable have the protections they need and that those who are struggling have their best interests considered,” Benninghoff said. “The House of Representatives took action this week to provide greater protections to those who need people looking after them and to make sure law enforcement and government entities can be more coordinated in investigating cases of child abuse.”

Action on government reform:

• Passed House Bill 48 to make the Treasurer’s Transparency Portal permanent.
• Passed House Bill 664 to allow minors to operate lemonade stands without government interference.
• Passed House Bill 607 to provide better oversight of the Delaware River Toll Bridge Commission.
• Passed House Bill 430 to waive the non-payment penalty for new homeowners during the first year of ownership when they did not receive their property tax bill.
• Advanced House Bill 855 to provide individuals seeking to become licensed in Pennsylvania the option of applying by paper application under certain circumstances.

“This week the House Republican Caucus again led the House in championing government transparency, commonsense governance and responsible government oversight,” Benninghoff said. “Pennsylvanians deserve a government they can be proud of, and legislation this week took critical steps to ensure that goal remains attainable.”

Representative Kerry Benninghoff
Pennsylvania House Majority Leader
171st Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Pennsylvania House Advances Bills to Provide for Economic Recovery, Protect Families, Reform Government