State Capitol Roundup

Benninghoff Unveils and House Committee Advances

 Job Creation Bill


Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin) on Monday introduced a job creation bill (House Bill 2626) known as PEP!, or Promoting Employment across Pennsylvania.  The legislation would allow qualified employers who relocate from another state to Pennsylvania to retain most of the state Personal Income Tax revenues they withhold on behalf of their employees and would otherwise transfer to the Commonwealth.  Benninghoff pointed out that the proposal would not cost the Commonwealth anything since it would only apply to new jobs that otherwise would not come to Pennsylvania and add to state government, local government and school district revenues.  The bill was approved on Tuesday with bipartisan support out of the House Finance Committee, which is chaired by Benninghoff.  The legislation now heads to the full House for consideration.


House Judiciary Committee Focuses on Public Safety Measures

The House Judiciary Committee voted this week to send several public safety measures to the full House for consideration.  The first proposal, House Bill 2249, would make it a crime for an individual who engages in online impersonation to create a web page or send an email or other electronic message by using the name or identifying information of another person, with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate or deceive, without the person’s content.  House Bill 2507 would enhance sentencing for criminal activity related to criminal street gangs.  Specific circumstances would trigger the enhancement, such as committing a crime of violence like drug trafficking or assault, where the offense was knowingly committed at the direction of a criminal street gang or if a person encouraged another to participate in the offense with a criminal street gang.  Senate Bill 775 would expand the state’s DNA database by requiring that a DNA sample be obtained from an individual within five days of arrest for a felony sex offense and other specified offense.

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