Benninghoff Bill to Ensure Reliable Funding for Child Services Approved by House Committee

HARRISBURG – Children and youth service providers can’t help Pennsylvania’s kids without receiving funding from counties.  That’s why Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin) introduced legislation that was approved on Monday by the state House Children and Youth Committee to ensure funding is provided, organizations are paid and children get the help they need.

“My bill is a fair compromise for the children who benefit from these programs, the organizations that provide the services and the taxpayers who fund them,” Benninghoff said.

House Bill 1101 would establish a task force to develop guidelines for a process to determine the cost of children and youth programs purchased from organizations.  The state Legislature could then use the task force’s recommendations to implement a fair funding system.

Benninghoff’s legislation also includes a section to settle funding disputes if counties and children and youth service organizations fail to agree to new contracts.  If the organization continues to provide services, the county would have to provide the same funding level as the previous contract.  When a new contract is secured, the organization would be reimbursed for the difference between the previous contract and the new contract for any services rendered.

“It’s not about more funding.  My bill is to ensure those who provided services to our youth and families get paid and paid on time.  The children and young adults in these programs are the ones who get stuck in the middle of it,”  Benninghoff said.

Benninghoff’s bill was amended in the committee to establish a quarterly payment system requiring the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare to provide regular funding installments to counties for the provision of children and youth services.

While the Commonwealth helps to fund these services, counties often contract with organizations to provide them. 

Benninghoff’s bill now heads to the full House for consideration.

Representative Kerry Benninghoff
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact:  Dan Massing
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