State Capitol Roundup

DEP Offers Small Business Advantage Grants

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is again accepting applications for its Small Business Advantage Grant Program to aid small businesses looking to conserve energy and prevent pollution.  Under the program, businesses can apply for a 50 percent matching grant of up to $9,500 for taking actions to promote implementation of pollution prevention and energy efficiency practices.  Applicants must be a for-profit corporation, limited liability corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship or other legal entity with 100 or fewer full-time employees.  The grant-supported project must be in a Pennsylvania facility owned by the applicant and must save the business at least 25 percent, plus $500 annually as a direct result of implementing the grant supported project.  All grant projects must be completed by June 30, 2014.  As part of this year’s grant program, all applicants will be required to provide a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Vendor Registration number with their application.  The application will not be accepted without a vendor registration number.  A vendor ID number can be obtained by visiting application deadline is Sept. 6.  Eligible applications will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted.  For more information about the grants or to apply, visit Rep. Kerry Benninghoff’s website at

Motorists Urged to Remember Back to School Safety Tips

As kids head back to school in the next couple of weeks, drivers must be responsible about sharing the road with school buses.  The following are a few reminders about the law concerning school buses.  When meeting or overtaking a stopped school bus with red signal lights flashing and a “stop” arm extended, drivers MUST STOP.  When approaching an intersection where a school bus is stopped with red signal lights and stop arm extended, drivers MUST STOP.  Be sure to stop at least 10 feet from the school bus, and watch children exiting the bus.  Do not move until they have reached a place of safety.  Drivers do not have to stop on a highway with clearly defined dividing sections or physical barriers providing separate roadways when the school bus is on the opposite side of the road.  If the law is violated, motorists will receive a 60-day driver license suspension, five points on a driving record and a $250 fine.  For more information on school bus safety, visit Benninghoff’s website at
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