State Capitol Roundup
Child Identity Theft Legislation Signed Into Law
Individuals who are convicted of stealing the identity of a minor will now receive a stricter sentence under a new law signed by Gov. Tom Corbett. Act 97 of 2013, previously House Bill 714, makes children under the age of 18 part of a protected class of victims, along with individuals age 60 or over or those who are care-dependent. In 2011, the Federal Trade Commission identified child identity theft as a growing problem with an estimated 142,000 instances of this taking place each year. This type of identity theft is defined as the stealing of a child’s Social Security number for use in fraudulent attempts at applying for government benefits, car loans, new mortgages and opening financial accounts. 
Game Commission Offers Hunting Safety Tips

With the hunting season underway, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has safety tips to offer to first-time hunters, and those who have not been hunting in the past several years. Hunters should always identify the target and should not shoot at sounds or movement. Young observers should dress appropriately as well, following the rules. Hunters should wear the mandated amount of florescent orange clothing and stay in the zone, while taking care not to shoot at game moving between hunters. Hunters are encouraged to scout hunting areas, plan where to hunt, and hunt where they plan. They should use a map and compass or a GPS unit. This way they can be found in case of an accident. Hunters also are encouraged to carry a basic survival kit and know how to use it. For more information, hunters are encourage to visit the website of Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin) at and click on the “hunting safety tips” link on the left-hand side.
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