House Adopts Benninghoff Measure to Help Veterans Access Benefits
HARRISBURG – The state House today in Harrisburg approved a measure introduced by state Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin) encouraging Pennsylvania military veterans to file a copy of their release or discharge papers with their county recorder of deeds office.

“A military release or discharge document is one of the most important papers a veteran will ever receive,” said Benninghoff. “Veterans often must provide their release or discharge documents in order to take advantage of state and federal benefits.”

Benninghoff’s House Resolution 1087 designates Nov. 3 as “Veterans, Record Your Discharge Day” in Pennsylvania.

“One of the biggest parts of this effort is to raise awareness,” said Benninghoff. “Veterans receive their discharge papers, but not all of them realize their county recorder of deeds office can help them by permanently recording the document in county records. If a veteran loses his or her discharge papers or they are destroyed in a disaster, the county will still have the document for the veteran to use.”

Each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties has a recorder of deeds office or its equivalent.

The recorder of deeds offices ensure veterans’ release or discharge documents can quickly and conveniently be retrieved by the veterans and their families at a later date. This service is provided at no cost to veterans and their families.

“We owe our veterans a lot for what they have done for us,” Benninghoff said. “This service is one way we repay our debt of gratitude. However, it’s only effective if veterans know about it.”

The Centre County Recorder of Deeds Office is in the Willowbank County Office Building located at 414 Holmes St., in Bellefonte. The office phone number is 814-355-6801.

The Mifflin County Recorder of Deeds Office is in the Mifflin County Courthouse located at 20 N. Wayne St., in Lewistown. The office phone number is 717-242-1449.

Representative Kerry Benninghoff
171st District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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