PA House Republican Leaders to Seek Impeachment of Philadelphia City Commissioners if State Election Law is Not Followed
HARRISBURG – The Republican Leaders of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and House State Government Committee Chairman Seth Grove (R-York) Friday sent a letter to Philadelphia City Commissioners Lisa Deely and Omar Sabir making it clear that if the commissioners continue to intentionally violate the plain language of the Pennsylvania Election Code and their oath of office, then they will face impeachment proceedings.

The letter follows a May 18, 2021, vote by the Philadelphia City Commissioners to proceed with counting undated no-excuse absentee ballots despite the plain language of Section 1306 of the Pennsylvania Election Code requiring the ballots to be dated and signed.

“No elected official, officer of the Commonwealth or appointed official has the authority to plainly ignore, or worse, openly violate the laws that direct the administration of elections. To allow you – or any other official – to do so would directly undermine our rule of law and invite continued mistrust in the process of holding free and fair elections. As such, we are demanding that you immediately rescind your endorsement of this unlawful action,” the letter reads in part.

“So there can be no misunderstanding - failure to promptly conform to Pennsylvania law will leave us no choice but to seek your removal from office using the authority vested to the House of Representatives under Article XI § 4 of the Constitution of Pennsylvania (relating to power of impeachment).”

Pennsylvania’s Constitution states impeachment of elected officials is a responsibility of the House of Representatives. If impeached, conviction proceedings would occur in the Pennsylvania Senate.

Read the letter here.

Representative Kerry Benninghoff
Pennsylvania House Majority Leader
171st Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representative