Nov. 03, 2017

HARRISBURG – Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-34) and state Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (R-171) announced today that Potter Township, Centre County, will receive a $750,000 state grant to help offset costs to constructing the Potters Mills sewage treatment system.

“This grant is essential in advancing efforts to fix septic-system issues that have been plaguing the area for a long time,” Corman said. “Without this funding, installing a public sewer system designed to end the contamination of local wells and Potter Run would be unaffordable to many of the local residents.”

“Because of this grant funding, after years of ongoing problems and water contamination, the residents of Potters Mills will finally be able to construct the public sewer system and treatment plant that they desperately need and deserve,” Benninghoff said. “I am very pleased to bring these tax dollars back to the district where they will be put to good use.”

The township is constructing a 14,000 gallon a day treatment plant, low pressure force mains and septic tanks and filter pumps for the Village of Potters Mills. On-lot and wildcat sewers were discharging into local water ways and contaminating local wells, making the new plant necessary.

Corman and Benninghoff supported the township’s application for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Without additional grant money, the township would need to charge a household user fee of at least $128 a month, they said.

Administered through the state Department of Community and Economic Development, CDBG money is to be used for housing rehabilitation, public services, community facilities, infrastructure improvement, development and planning. It is a competitive program available to all municipalities that meet criteria established under Act 179 of 1984.

Representative Kerry Benninghoff
171st Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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