State Capitol Roundup
PennDOT Reminds Motorists to Report Potholes 
PennDOT would like to remind motorists that potholes and other roadway maintenance concerns on state roads can be reported to the department by calling 1-800-FIX-ROAD. Wet weather and temperature fluctuations above and below the freezing point are optimal conditions for potholes. Callers to 1-800-FIX-ROAD are asked to be as specific as possible when giving pothole locations or other maintenance concerns. For state routes, callers must report the county, municipality, street name and route number, or the state route (SR) number that can be found on small black-and-white signs posted along state roadways. In addition, callers should also provide a description of any familiar landmarks that will help PennDOT locate the problem area. The hotline can be used to report potholes, roadway washouts, missing highway signs, high shoulder drop-offs or deer removal. Once notified, PennDOT will work expeditiously to address pothole and roadway concerns when weather permits.

Measure Aims to Protect Students from Sex Offenders 
As part of the ongoing effort to further protect children in the Commonwealth, legislation has recently been introduced to require public and private schools in Pennsylvania and their independent contractors to conduct a thorough employment history review prior to offering employment to any applicant for a position involving direct contact with children. House Bill 2063 also would offer immunity from criminal and civil liability for employers, school entities, school administrators and independent contractors that disclose the requested background information, unless they knowingly provide false information. The bill also would prohibit a school entity or independent contractor from entering into an agreement to maintain the confidentiality of findings or allegations of abuse against a current or former staff member. All public schools, private schools, nonpublic schools, intermediate units and area vocational-technical schools in the Commonwealth would be subject to the provisions of the bill. The measure was referred to the House Education Committee.

Student Opportunities and Technical Education Focus of Policy Committee Hearing 
In continuing to address the needs of Pennsylvania’s job creators and small businesses, the House Majority Policy Committee recently held a hearing in Berks County to receive testimony from industry partners and educators about the importance of career and technical education as a cornerstone for job growth and development in Pennsylvania. Testifiers included representatives from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, the Berks Career and Technology Center, and the Northeast Pennsylvania Manufacturers and Employers Association. The hearing emphasized the need to strengthen the relationship between businesses looking to employ skilled workers and educators training the future workforce. 

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