Benninghoff Comments on Budget Vote
Responsible budget reduces spending through efficiencies, does not increase taxes
HARRISBURG – Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin) issued the following statement on today’s budget vote. The spending plan, which was supported by a majority in the House, requires greater efficiencies from state agencies, eliminates wasteful spending and does not raise taxes. The budget would reduce overall spending by $246 million compared to the current fiscal year, while also increasing funding for education.

“The budget, supported today by a majority vote, puts into practice the responsible, sustainable approach that taxpayers expect. The budget maintains fiscal restraint, puts a new, needed focus on cost savings and government efficiencies, and does not include any tax increases or new borrowing.

“As we begin the budget process, we have an opportunity to make positive changes across state government. That is what this budget does; it eliminates unnecessary, redundant and wasteful spending; merges several state agencies to ensure government is running efficiently and effectively; and frees up dollars to allow for responsible additional funding in important, core functions of government, like education, infrastructure and public safety.”

“As I often say, state government never spends a dollar that it did not take from a hard-working taxpayer. We owe it to those taxpayers to be thorough, prudent and fiscally responsible, not borrow and spend today what we expect future generations to pay for tomorrow. I am encouraged, as evidenced by today’s action, that we are on the right path.”

Representative Kerry Benninghoff
House Majority Policy Committee Chairman
171st Legislative District

Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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